Simba Sharpens Tools with Release of SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9

Simba Technologies Inc., a provider of data connectivity solutions, has released SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9, a toolkit used by software companies to implement ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and OLE DB data connectivity within existing BI, analytics and database products. This latest release introduces key new features, including greater customizability, nine new data driver implementations, faster data access and information retrieval, and support for big data and cloud database platforms.

SimbaEngine ODBC SDK 9 allows users to build drivers for virtually any data source, including big data and cloud platforms. "Today, the kind of data sources people are looking to build drivers for has expanded exponentially. Now you've got big data, you've got cloud data, you've got every kind of data. And our toolkit allows you to build standards-based access to any data," Amyn Rajan, CEO of Simba Technologies, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  SimbaEngine's latest release provides additional support for big data and cloud platforms. When accessing data from Hadoop or Salesforce, for example, "there is no easy standard to access it,"  Rajan explains. To mitigate this issue, SimbaEngine "allows you to connect from whatever server you have or whatever desktop application you have to your data in the cloud using a standard protocol."

One of the hallmark features of SimbaEngine is Collaborative Query Execution (CQE), which has been extended in the latest release. This allows data stores to index in their own engine while also allowing Simba SQL Engine to index. "It allows you to break that SQL querying up," states Rajan. This allows  both engines to effectively operate and eliminates query redundancy, resulting in improved data access speed and performance without interfering with any specialized data store processing capabilities,  and allowing users to maintain a differentiated product from competitors.

Though not yet released, Simba Technologies has recently built an ODBC driver that talks to Hive, a data warehouse system solution built on top of Hadoop. This driver, which was built with SimbaEngine, works seamlessly with Excel, unlike others built with open source technologies.

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