Simba Technologies Introduces Beta MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP for Native Connectivity with Microsoft Excel 2007 Pivot Tables

Simba Technologies Inc., a provider of standards-based relational and multi-dimensional data connectivity drivers, has announced the beta release of its native Microsoft Excel 2007 connector to Oracle's 11g OLAP Option database. The solution, built using Simba's MDX 2005 Query Language technology, provides users with a high level of access and functionality that is the same as native Excel connectivity to Microsoft Analysis Services or SAP NetWeaver BW.

Simba's MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP enables use of powerful, new Excel 2007 Pivot Table functionality to provide live business intelligence analysis and presentation capabilities for users. The MDX Provider will enable Oracle customers to natively access their Oracle cube data, perform ad hoc query and analysis and take full advantage of the latest OLAP and BI functionality within Excel. With native connectivity, Oracle customers can easily and directly connect Excel to Oracle data cubes to gain advanced analytics without the expense and infrastructure servers required by other solutions.

Amyn Rajan, CEO of Simba Technologies, tells 5 Minute Briefing that, historically, add-ins to Excel were required to access data cubes. "About two years ago, Simba Technologies started providing technology for native Excel access to SAP BW. Now we have partnered with Oracle to provide the same native access to Oracle's 11g OLAP Option database. Customer just need to install the driver on their client and then Excel finds the driver and uses it to natively connect to the Oracle OLAP cube."

Simba's MDX 2005 technology, upon which the connectivity is based, is compliant with the latest MDX enhancements from Microsoft. Simba's MDX query language capabilities are key to providing interoperability with the latest OLAP business intelligence and analytics applications like Excel 2007.

The MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP Beta Program will run through April 30, 2009. Beta participants will be able to download the MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP from Simba's website upon completion of the beta program enrollment form. Simba will offer technical support for the duration of the program. Participants must be running Oracle 11g OLAP Option (r1.07 or later) and Simba will be collecting product feedback. For more information about the MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP or the beta program, go here. For more information about Simba Technologies, go here.