SingleStore Launches Apache Iceberg Integration, Providing Access to “Frozen” Data

SingleStore, the real-time data platform for you to transact, analyze, and contextualize, is debuting bi-directional compatibility with Apache Iceberg, enabling enterprises to take advantage of the data “frozen” in their lakehouses. Additionally, SingleStore is announcing an array of new capabilities, including enhanced full-text search, autoscaling, and more. 

As organizations continue to require greater access to their data stores—namely due to the AI hype—solutions that tap into their existing technologies are becoming increasingly valuable. Apache Iceberg, one of these existing, de facto solutions for data lake storage, offers significant cost benefits, yet at the price of complex data “thawing.” This thawing process necessitates extensive ETL workflows and compute-intensive Spark jobs, ultimately decreasing Apache Iceberg’s overall ROI, according to SingleStore. 

To rectify this ongoing challenge, SingleStore’s latest integration delivers low-latency ingestion, bi-directional data flow, applying “zero ETL” principles which replace time-consuming, error-prone ETL workflows with automatic data access. 

According to Madhukar Kumar, CMO at SingleStore, zero ETL means “you don't have to buy another tool [to perform ETL]. You can do whatever you want to do with it [the data], because now that data—which was in a data lake—is now available.” 

Available now in public preview, enterprise teams benefit from near-instantaneous, rapid ingestion directly in-memory; meaning, when data hits Iceberg, it’s immediately available in SingleStore. Soon, SingleStore users will be able to create external tables in SingleStore based on Iceberg data, as well as construct projections on these tables that take advantage of the fast, highly performant SingleStore architecture. 

“I’ve talked to a lot of very large companies where they have thousands of employees and thousands of dashboards. The underlying data keeps changing, and they keep going back and forth in different places…that's one of the reasons why a lot of large companies were not able to use AI,” explained Kumar. “But with…[the SingleStore integration with Apache Iceberg,] it really supercharges RAG retrieval [and] augmentation generation, and opens itself for a much wider variety of data, which was not earlier possible—and because it's SingleStore, it's richer as well.” 

“Our vision has always been to provide one single data store for all companies to be able to take advantage of speed, scale, and simplicity,” said Raj Verma, CEO, SingleStore. “Our data platform is designed to unlock all types of enterprise data—including data that is frozen in data lakes—to enable our customers to build modern intelligent apps. With this release, we believe we are enabling a significant portion of the market that today cannot build real-time modern applications on data stored in data lakes.” 

As part of this announcement, SingleStore is introducing a variety of new features that empower enterprises to built enterprise-grade, intelligent applications, including:

  • 40% faster vector search which is 2-3x faster than Milvus and pgvector, enhanced further by new range searches and filters (in public preview) to help enterprises build and scale generative AI (GenAI) apps
  • Enhanced full-text search, including new capabilities such as improved relevance scoring, phonetic similarity, fuzzy matching, and keyword-proximity-based ranking, helping organizations to simplify their tech stacks by getting rid of specialty databases
  • Autoscale compute resources up or down in seconds, enabling businesses to adapt to unpredictable workloads and avoid billing surprises
  • Helios Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) deployment for enterprises needing to deploy SingleStore in their own virtual private cloud due to regulatory requirements or contractual obligations

“Our new features and capabilities advance SingleStore’s mission of offering a real-time data platform for the next wave of generative AI and data applications,” said Nadeem Asghar, head of engineering at SingleStore. “The integration with Iceberg, plus enhancing our platform’s scaling and processing capabilities, will allow users to access and harness their data in real time, and build intelligent apps.”

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