SingleStore Partners with IBM to Accelerate Insights for Data-Intensive Apps

SingleStore, the single database for data-intensive applications, is partnering with IBM to offer SingleStoreDB with IBM, designed to provide enterprises with a one-stop shop that can empower them to take advantage of SingleStore’s database technology with IBM.

“As the world becomes more service centric, response times will matter most for both new and existing applications. We believe we will witness a massive re-platforming of existing applications in the near future. Our relationship with IBM can help organizations have a solution designed to accelerate their time-to-value and drive improved performance in a frictionless, hybrid, multi-cloud architecture enabled by SingleStore,” said SingleStore CEO Raj Verma.

Instead of juggling complex multi-vendor data environments, customers can now simplify and unify data tiers with SingleStore and IBM, according to the vendors.

This subscription-based software, which can be deployed on premises, in private clouds or in public clouds, is designed to enable customers to scale out as needed; enjoy the familiarity of a relational database while being able to handle complex queries for analytics; and process, query and serve near real-time and historic data using a single, multi-model database.

Main customer benefits include reduced legacy database and hardware costs, accelerated time to insight with a single database and the ability to quickly run data-intensive reports, according to the vendors.

Through the new collaboration, IBM will offer the purchasing, licensing and support of the SingleStore Database.

In addition, clients can work with IBM Expert Labs or IBM Consulting for global deployment support, which can include consulting on individual database technologies and overall data management architectures, including a data fabric.

“Businesses need a data strategy that is designed to support mission-critical applications and fuel advanced analytics and AI,” said Michael Gilfix, vice president of product management for data and AI, IBM. “The launch of SingleStore Database with IBM is the latest step we’re taking to help clients adopt a data fabric strategy and architecture that can empower them to take advantage of their preferred data management solutions while helping to break down barriers across on-premises, public and private cloud environments, making data management simpler and smarter.”

SingleStore is part of the IBM Ecosystem, which positions partners of all types—whether they build on, service or resell IBM hybrid cloud and AI technologies and platforms—to help clients manage and modernize workloads.

This agreement is an expansion of the IBM and SingleStore relationship, including SingleStore’s certification on Red Hat OpenShift and its availability with the Red Hat Marketplace.

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