SingleStore Powers its Real-Time Platform with Key Innovations

SingleStore, the cloud-native database built for speed and scale to power real-time applications, is releasing version 8.0 of its platform, featuring even faster analytics, improved developer experience, and greater ease of use.

“The need for real time is here, but it doesn’t just happen through sheer will,” said Raj Verma, CEO, SingleStore. “Real time has been baked into our foundational design from very early on, and the continued innovation with the latest announcement sets us apart as the world’s only unified database that allows you to transact and reason with data in real time in a multi-cloud hybrid distributed environment.”

Some of the new product capabilities include real-time analytics including new fast seeking JSON for columns that customers can now expect to see up to 100x improvements in query performance for transactional applications that work with semi-structured data such as JSON.

Customers can now scale workspace compute up or down seamlessly (on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) autonomously with no manual user actions and can Suspend and Resume workspaces as needed so users only pay for what they use.

New real-time and historical monitoring capabilities provide customers with up-to-the second visibility into cluster performance to ensure seamless operations and business continuity.

Recursive CTEs (Common Table Expressions) While SingleStoreDB has always supported regular (non-recursive) CTEs, the 8.0 release will include support for Recursive CTEs as well, which makes it easier to perform analytics on hierarchical data such as in-database graph and tree expansions using one SQL statement

SingleStore also recently launched a native driver for Laravel, which is open-sourced and is now available on GitHub, that enables developers to easily and securely build new applications using Laravel and PHP.

SingleStoreDB’s new native client for Python helps developers create up to 10x faster connections to the database (compared to a vanilla MySQL connector such as PyMySQL), ensuring blazing-fast applications and analytics.

With the current release, SingleStoreDB support for Wasm (WebAssembly) will be available for both cloud and self-managed deployments, essentially opening up availability of this key feature to all customers—making it easy to port code libraries or routines (in Rust, C or C++ and soon other languages) into SingleStoreDB.

SingleStore also now provides extended SSO support for federated authentication using OAuth on the SingleStore cloud service (in addition to SAML). With OAuth support, customers now have a simpler and more secure authentication mechanism. This eases the management of secure connections, especially for mission-critical applications.

SingleStoreDB powers real-time data innovation for hundreds of customers including more than 100 Fortune 500, Forbes Global 2000 and Inc. 5000 brands across fintech, ad-tech, martech and cybertech segments. Companies like Siemens, Uber, Palo Alto Networks, SiriusXM and others use SingleStoreDB to fuel real-time customer experience analytics, supply chain monitoring, sales and inventory management and interactive dashboards.

“Our new security and networking capabilities enable customers to protect their mission-critical applications. Improvements to fast analytics on structured and semi-structured data give businesses the power they need to deliver real-time applications,” said Shireesh Thota, senior vice president of engineering at SingleStore.

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