SingleStore to Provide Support for AWS Glue

SingleStore, The Database of Now for operational analytics and modern applications, is offering native support for AWS Glue, expanding its cloud data integration. This enables developers, data engineers, and data scientists to build with SingleStore on Amazon Web Services (AWS) more easily.

AWS Glue is a serverless data preparation service that makes it easy for developers, data analysts, and data scientists to extract, clean, enrich, normalize, and load data.

The fully managed, scaled-out Apache Spark environment for extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs provided by AWS Glue is well matched to SingleStore’s distributed SQL design, according to the vendor. This functionality allows for faster processing through parallel ingestion in AWS, much in the same way that SingleStore’s Spark Connector delivers these benefits in other environments.

“SingleStore’s R&D team leveraged AWS to deliver this high-performance, deep integration,” said SingleStore chief product officer Jordan Tigani. “This integration accelerates extract, transform, and load processes, and will delight data management professionals.”

The SingleStore Apache Spark integration will be available through the new AWS Glue Custom ETL Connectors feature, accessible on the AWS Glue console.

An early adopter of AWS Glue Custom ETL Connectors, SingleStore was nominated to participate in the launch of the AWS Glue Custom ETL Connectors feature.

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