Sisense Expands its Platform to Amplify its Analytics Abilities

Sisense is improving its flagship platform to advance its analytics capabilities and its ability to integrate across the business analytics ecosystem. 

A key advancement in Sisense version 6 is the utilization of In-Chip analytics to improve business users' access to advanced analytics on low-cost, commodity machines without the need for special data warehouse tools or dedicated IT staff.

One-click formulas offer popular statistical functions, such as correlation, covariance and various distributions, directly from Sisense dashboards.

“There’s no reason why in 2015 a business user needs to go to a math genius to get their equation,” said Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense.  “It doesn’t make any sense.”

 In-Chip technology processes data 100 times faster, eliminating much of the data preparation and denormalization work associated with business analytics. With this update there is no need to remodel data schemas or rely on aggregated values. 

Additionally, Sisense has built a distinctive integration to R, the popular, open source language for statistical computing and by utilizing a combination of Sisense and R, analysts are able to prepare and visualize data results in a fraction of the time that it would take to perform on R alone or with other visualization tools.

Sisense version 6.0 also includes an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) layer that leverages data from Sisense with third-party tools such as Excel, Tableau or Crystal Reports. By establishing this connection between its software and the business analytics eco-system, Sisense enables users to take full advantage of its distinctive data analysis and preparation technology and ultra-fast data processing.

“We’ve had dozens of clients in the beta program, all helping us shape these products to become a modern company,” said Orad.  “You shouldn’t guess what your clients want, you should talk to them and let them actually partner with you and walk with you as you release a new version.”

A variety of business users will benefit from this update along with IT teams, according to Orad.

“In many places today, the IT team is very unhappy that they have to go through mundane tasks every time a business user has a new desire to look at the data differently, so for them given this independence is a major plus,” Orad said. “They can now focus their energy on modern advanced challenges organizations have.”

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