Sisense Speeds In-Chip Analytics with 6th Generation Intel Core vPro Processor

Sisense has announced improvements in its In-Chip Analytics software to help business users and data analysts more easily gain insights from complex data with disparate datasets. According to the vendor, when tested with Intel’s recently-released 6th Generation Intel Core vPro processor, it was able to deliver a 300% improvement in speed over older chips.

“Sisense as a company was founded to simplify business analytics - and particularly simplify business analytics for complex data. In order to do that, we spent 5 years doing research on how to optimize modern CPUs to help them take much better advantage of the hardware capabilities in those CPUs to process analytic queries,” explained Jeremy Sokolic, vice president, Sisense.

As organizations increasingly strive to become data driven in all aspects of their business, the ability for everyday business users to uncover nuggets of information on their own is being recognized as necessary.

But in the past, said Sokolic, business user analytics required extended IT resources and DBAs to remodel data into an optimal schema for querying. Because Sisense uses the chip more effectively, with what it calls In-Chip Analytics, it is able to avoid much of that data preparation, he noted.

Complex datasets, characterized by disparate data, a variety of data sources, many tables, and large datasets, are challenging from a business analytics standpoint of the amount of processing power and speed required to actually analyze them effectively, said Sokolic.

“Sisense can handle very messy data because the In-Chip Analytics works so quickly,” he said.

According to Sokolic, hand in hand as the chip manufacturers are improving their hardware capabilities, Sisense as a software component is taking advantage of those improvements.

“The resulting business benefit is that we allow a business analyst without a lot of IT resources or IT help to mash up disparate data sources all together in the Sisense platform and do analytics on top of that.”

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