Sisense Unveils New Technologies that Simplify the Consumption of BI Insights

Sisense is making significant advancements to its platform to simplify the consumption of BI insights using IoT devices and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Sisense Business Intelligence Virtually Everywhere is launching as a public beta program with its first two devices -- a Sisense-enabled Amazon Echo and a Sisense-enabled IoT lightbulb.

These innovations take BI beyond the 2D screen and enable a more intuitive and emotional connection to data insights using all senses, resulting in increased engagement and adoption.

“Sisense’s mission is to simplify business analytics for complex data.  We are pushing this concept across the entire BI value chain beyond dashboards,” said Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense.

The Sisense-enabled IoT lightbulb creates another new way to consume business insights. 

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