Sisense’s Jeremy Sokolic to Cover How to Improve Analytics with In-Chip Innovations at Data Summit

With organizations increasingly depending on data throughout their organizations to help them improve decision making, choosing the right tools and infrastructure can be critical.

To shed light on the right approaches for improving query performance while at the same time enabling non-technical business users to query large, disparate datasets, Jeremy Sokolic, vice president, product, at Sisense will present a talk at Data Summit titled “Innovating Analytics: From In-Memory to In-Chip.”

Data Summit will be held May 10-11, 2016 at the New York Hilton Midtown with pre-conference workshops on May 9.

According to Sokolic, in-memory technologies come with a trade-off. While they enable much better query performance, it is only for limited amounts of data. Sokolic will cover how the development of in-chip technologies improves query performance, while also allowing organizations to push the value of analytics out to business analysts, so everyday citizens can take advantage of data insights from mixed datasets.

Sokolic said he hopes that attendees will come away from his presentation with an understanding of in-chip analytics and “how it eases the data preparation process for an analytics solution and the enabling power or capability that is delivered to business analysts and business users at a relatively low total cost, and at a much lower intensity of IT resource utilization.” 

The key value, he said, is that everyday business users can look at and mash up disparate data sources, and easily bring them together for analysis.

In his talk, Sokolic will present several of the in-chip technologies developed for business users enabling them to get a handle on complex datasets, and best practices for leveraging these technologies to drive greater value and ROI from complex data.

Sokolic will present his talk as part of the “Overcoming BI Limitations” session at 2 pm on Wednesday, May 11. For more information on Data Summit, and to register, go to