Sisu Adds New Tools to Augment Data Analytics Workflows

Sisu Data has announced two new ways to augment data preparation: a shared query repository and an Athena connector for Amazon S3 data. This product expansion is part of Sisu’s focus on augmenting every part of the analytic workflow. The new capabilities were announced in a Sisu blog post by Davide Russo, product manager of Sisu.

According to Russo, while SQL is the preferred method for analyzing data stored in data warehouses, analysts write and rewrite queries across applications so queries can quickly become convoluted. To accelerate the processes, Sisu is announcing the two ways to augment data preparation.

Rather than writing a query once and throwing it away, Russo says, the new query repository creates a central place for collaborative data teams to write and share queries in Sisu, allowing them to accelerate data preparation and deliver faster answers to the business. The new library stores saved queries for each data source so users can select the best one, or write their own custom query. As they are writing, Sisu auto-completes queries and provides the ability to preview a new table before saving and running the analysis. 

In addition, Sisu’s new collaborative workflow provides teams with instant visibility into the best queries for each metric, enabling them to deliver consistent, trusted answers. It is also possible to create new opportunities for business stakeholders across product, sales, marketing, finance, and other functional areas to start answering questions in Sisu on their own, without them needing SQL or BI skills. 

Complementing Sisu's catalog of data warehouse connectors, Sisu can now be used with Amazon Athena to query S3 data stores. Using the new Athena connector, users can efficiently store and query data and begin delivering answers. 

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