Skybox 13.2 Lets No Vulnerability Go Unnoticed

Skybox Security, a provider of Exposure Management solutions, is unveiling Skybox 13.2, the latest iteration of the company’s Vulnerability and Threat Management solution. Skybox 13.2 delivers effective vulnerability prioritization that leverages customer-specific context to address prioritization and remediation processes with more nuances, according to the company.

Designed to provide unparalleled clarity and control over an enterprise’s cybersecurity posture, the updates to Skybox’s Vulnerability and Threat Management solution target the growing complexities of robust attack surface management.

While traditional vulnerability solutions lack the contextual awareness to effectively reduce cyberthreats, Skybox merges industry-standard CVSS severity and exploit data (KEV or EPSS) with customer-specific insights to drive threat prioritization. Additionally, unlike other solutions, Skybox 13.2’s continuous monitoring capabilities that reduce awareness gaps, risk-based prioritization features, and the consolidation of IT, OT, and cloud vulnerability management sets itself above the rest, according to Adi Dubin, VP product management at Skybox Security.

“By incorporating customer-specific context into the prioritization and remediation processes, Skybox aims to provide organizations with actionable insights for addressing the most critical risks first—and with the best mitigation or remediation option,” said Dubin. “Skybox's advanced Vulnerability Management solution sets itself apart from other security solutions on the market by offering a comprehensive approach to addressing vulnerabilities.”

Truly understanding the attack surface of a given enterprise is a key focus for the latest updates to Skybox’s solution. With customer-specific risk scoring, robust exposure analysis, and holistic application visibility, Skybox simplifies the difficult task of modern risk management.

Skybox 13.2 additionally offers:

  • Predictive vulnerability exploitability for forecasting the likelihood of future vulnerability exploitation
  • Enhanced attack surface management with greater visibility into all of an enterprise’s applications and its relevant assets and network services
  • Integration with Palo Alto Prisma Cloud for enhanced risk scoring and prioritization across cloud-native technology stacks
  • Consolidated vulnerability management that streamlines enterprise security
  • Immediate action recommendations born from detailed analysis that empowers security teams to rapidly take action against risk

According to Dubin, the most exciting piece of Skybox 13.2 is “the predictive vulnerability exploitability feature…This innovative addition extends the existing multifactor business-specific prioritization by leveraging predictive analytics to forecast the likelihood of future vulnerability exploitation.”

“By preemptively addressing emerging threats before they materialize, organizations can focus on vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk, both now and in the future. This actionable intelligence empowers organizations to make strategic resource allocation decisions, ensuring their defenses are focused on protecting the most vulnerable and valuable assets,” Dubin concluded.

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