SmartBear Software Advances Agile Test Management and Release Management in Latest Application Lifecycle Management Offering

SmartBear Software announced two toolsets designed to provide software development and QA teams with more granular control over agile test management and release management activities, while enhancing test reuse. ALMComplete 2011 is a SaaS-based and on-premise application lifecycle management tool, and QAComplete 2011 is a QA and test management tool.

"The releases provide more actionable information to Agile development, QA, and project management teams, so they can quickly drill into release and test case details without having to navigate a myriad of screens," according to Steve Miller, vice president of ALM Solutions at SmartBear. "We've focused on visibility, efficiency, and usability for the end user, so they can easily integrate ALMComplete or QAComplete into their daily software delivery process."

Features made available by the 2011 release include a new test management module that gives development and QA teams advanced test coverage visibility and central control over manual and automated testing assets, promoting consistency and test reuse. Additionally, a new release management module provides teams with more agility to manage and collaborate on software artifacts across releases, assess release readiness, and make informed release decisions.

SmartBear ALMComplete and QAComplete are aimed at the development team looking to solve an immediate need with minimal overhead. This release is full of new features to improve efficiency and reduce manual steps in the software delivery process across multiple platforms.

A new "Test Management" module enables teams to approach testing more strategically and easily visualize differences in planned versus actual test coverage, improving efficiency. Advancements include high-level and detailed views, the ability to centrally manage manual and automated testing assets, and the capability to drill down into supporting detail from a single interface.

A new "Releases" module enables teams to define discrete sprints, iterations and builds (including start and end dates) and link requirements, tasks, test sets and defects to specific releases. This improves reuse, as well as burn down and velocity analysis.

Advanced reporting and analytics focus on traceability and test step-level detail.

For a full list of features and a video overview, visit the SmartBear site.