Smyth Automotive Chooses Zumasys to Take its Business to the Next Level

Smyth Automotive provides full-service automotive parts, paint and body, and machine shop services. In business since 1963, the company differentiates itself with knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff, better prices and great quality.

Much of Smyth’s success is owed to its business flexibility implemented through its highly customized ERP applications.  But, after years of service, the aging hardware and database technology was getting tired and was in need of a refresh.

The company tapped Zumasys’ jBASE solution and in a few weeks, Zumasys and Smyth’s Amazon Web Services partner, JetSweep, lifted and moved the proven applications from the existing IBM AIX servers running Rocket’s Universe database to Amazon running jBASE.

“I found the transition from Universe to jBASE to be simple and straight forward and now I’m seeing the architectural benefits that will allow me to take Smyth’s systems to the next level,” said Chuck Smith of Smyth Automotive. “Working with the staff at Zumasys was easy and they gave me the support and training needed to make the conversion happen.”

Smyth realized not only a substantial reduction in operating costs, but jBASE is also delivering blistering performance bringing processes that ran in hours on Universe down to minutes on jBASE.

On database alone, jBASE saves Smyth 30% per year on database maintenance costs and because jBASE runs natively on AWS, Smyth compounds its saving by running on a computing platform that is far less expensive, faster and more reliable.