SnapLogic Adds More Snaps to its Platform and Strengthens Integrations

SnapLogic is releasing the Summer 2017 (4.10) update of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud, introducing new Snaps and helping customers manage their integration processes.

The Summer 2017 release features new and enhanced Snaps for improved connectivity and performance with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Teradata, Hadoop HDFS, Confluent, JSON Web Token, Parquet, and RabbitMQ.

Other new updates include a local Snaplex dashboard, project-level migration, API threshold notifications, public API for GroundPlex Installation, Microsoft Azure SQL Snap Pack,  Teradata Select Snaps, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upsert Snaps, and JSON Web Token Snaps.

In addition to these updates, new Snap additions such as a Parquet Writer Snap, Parquet Reader/Writer Snap, Kerberized HDFS Reader and Writer Snaps, RabbitMQ Producer Snap, an SAP Snap, and Confluent Kafka Snap Pack have been added.

SnapLogic’s Enterprise Integration Cloud accelerates data and process flow across cloud and on-premises applications, data warehouses, big data streams, and IoT deployments.

Moving forward the company is looking to add functionality around process flow, offer more support for the Iris platform, and more, according to Craig Stewart, vice president of product management, SnapLogic.

“We’ve seen some good uptake from the customers,” Stewart said.  “We’re pleased to see the success. Not only is [Iris] being tried by customers but it’s being used by pretty much all the customers that turn it on now.”

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