SnapLogic Announces New Capabilities and Data Integration Tools

SnapLogic is enhancing its platform by making key changes and forming partnerships that will enable customers to utilize new capabilities and data integration tools.

SnapLogic made three announcements during Strata + Hadoop World in NYC, including a collaboration with Microsoft, new product updates, and the development of new connectors.

By teaming with Microsoft, the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform will now be able to integrate with the Microsoft Cortana suite.

The SnapLogic platform enables customers to get to business insights faster by providing self-service data ingestion, preparation and delivery from virtually any source - whether on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments - to the Cortana Analytics Suite.

“We’re really getting on board with Spark and we’re excited about where our Microsoft relationship is going to go,” said Erin Curtis, senior director of product marketing at SnapLogic.

Enterprises that are moving from on premise data storage and data centers to the cloud will benefit from this collaboration, according to Curtis.

“We make that much easier by connecting the sources,” Curtis said. “Our platform is really a self-service platform so we make it very simple, whether you are an expert data integrator or a self-service user, to connect those data sources and the endpoints.”

Teaming with Microsoft was a good fit for the company, Curtis explained.

“The Cortana platform is really designed for companies that not only want to embrace the cloud but also have a lot of flexibility into when they use those cloud resources and when they don’t,” Curtis said. “That’s a good fit for our platform. Customers also asked us for it, it was a really natural fit for us to go with this partnership.”

In addition to the collaboration, the company is releasing a new version of its SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform, adding new capabilities for big data integration including Spark data processing, a new Snap for Cassandra and support for Microsoft Cortana Analytics.

“We have supported Hadoop and MapReduce for some time and with this addition of Spark we tried to give our customers options,” Curtis said.

Along with both those announcements, SnapLogic has updated its Snaps – the platforms pre-built intelligent connectors.

The updated Snaps will provide a simple yet powerful way to connect Workday Financial Management with information in other enterprise applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) or other enterprise applications and data sources.

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