SnapLogic Fall 2017 Release Adds More Snaps and Microsoft Integrations

SnapLogic is launching the Fall 2017 release to its signature platform, adding more Snaps and access to Microsoft products.

New innovations added to the SnapLogic Integration Assistant will further accelerate user productivity and time-to-integration.

New Snaps include an Amazon DynamoDB Query Snap that will make it easier for users to retrieve data from the popular NoSQL database and  two new Snaps for Google BigQuery Bulk Load that will simplify cloud storage and data streaming. A new PySpark Snap supports big data and analytics capabilities.

The Fall 2017 release also includes additional connectivity support for Microsoft environments, driven by increased customer demand.

A new Microsoft Dynamics AX Snap Pack enables users to easily move data to and from Microsoft’s integrated suite of ERP solutions to ensure full visibility and optimization of business operations. This latest addition builds on SnapLogic’s previous support for Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

New enhancements to the SnapLogic Integration Assistant, a key innovation in the company’s Iris AI initiative, will further help citizen integrators get started with the SnapLogic platform, become productive quickly without IT assistance, and complete integration projects.

To further improve the user experience, SnapLogic has added updates that simplify the user interface. For example, a new Error Pipeline Feature ensures all errors are captured and consolidated off the design canvas and in the platform’s monitoring dashboard, simplifying the user interface and making it easier for integrators to visualize their pipelines. A new Dynamic Validation Feature allows users to build expressions and view transformations of pipelines in real-time, improving productivity for users working on complex expressions.

“IT professionals and line of business experts alike are demanding self-service technologies that will allow any user to bypass the roadblocks that often stand in the way of successful integrations,” said Vaikom Krishnan, senior vice president of engineering at SnapLogic. “By focusing on enhancements that improve our platform’s ease of use and continuing to expand our Snap support, we are providing our customers with the most efficient way to connect a wide array of enterprise applications, APIs, databases, data warehouses, analytics tools, IoT devices, and more.”

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