SnapLogic Improves its Signature Platform with Summer 2016 Release

SnapLogic is making improvements to its Elastic Integration Platform, adding new integration components, which it calls “Snaps” to its library in the Summer 2016 release. The core platform also offers improved performance and new data governance features for hybrid deployments.

The Summer 2016 release introduces several enhancements to SnapLogic’s support for Hadoop- and Spark-based big data integration, as well.  These new capabilities include New Hive and Teradata Snaps along with enhanced encryption for the Hadooplex, a data processing engine that is deployed on a Hadoop cluster.

“People are creating big data clusters and data lakes with a lot of different technologies and tools o we’re always updating our Snap library to make sure we stay on top of the technology developments and the changes in the tech landscape and big data so customers don’t have to,” said  Erin Curtis, senior director of product marketing.

Snaps themselves have been improved with an upgraded Snap for the Anaplan Project Planning platform to support handling of input errors to aid in data governance; an updated Tableau Snap that lets users write, format, and extract data from the current version of Tableau for advanced business analytics; and performance updates to Snaps for Google BigQuery, Google Analytics, and NetSuite.

 Along with those improvements, the release offers new automated data transformation capabilities. The improved Mapper Snap makes it faster and simpler to search, filter and map the thousands of entries in a complex schema tree.

The Summer 2016 release also adds enhancements to the core SnapLogic platform, including the ability to capture and log pipeline parameters, restrict triggered tasks to a single instance execution, and whitelist IP ranges for cloud triggered executions.

Companies are shifting to the cloud and looking for more self-service capabilities, Curtis explained, which is what this update helps enterprises explore further.

Future releases will continue to keep up with the pace of changing technology, including introducing new and enhancing existing Snaps.

“We continue to stay on top of the ever-shifting big data landscape,” Curtis said. “We’ve got new Snaps in that area, we’ve got our enterprise control and governance capabilities to help make sure our platform is really well suited for very large enterprises and we’ve got new data performance capabilities that let us really take advantage of cloud or on premise data environments. I think we’ve got a little something for everyone with this release.”

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