SnapLogic Offers New Service to Speed Data Delivery to Cloud and Big Data Applications

Real-time data delivery is critical to supporting many modern business applications, including sales and marketing programs, e-commerce orders, and growing demand for Hadoop-based infrastructure to support predictive analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT). SnapLogic, which provides iPaaS (integration platform as a service), has released a new service to speed the process by which time-sensitive data is delivered to cloud and big data applications. According to the vendor, SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines receive input from a website or application and return data to the requester at speeds up to 10x faster than before, to address the needs of line-of-business managers who need instant access to company or customer data.

Many data integration platforms have struggled to keep pace with mounting volumes and complexity of data. SnapLogic’s Ultra Pipelines aim to overcome this issue because they are always active, eliminating the need for IT staff to manually invoke or schedule multi-step and multi-point integration processes, resulting in significantly faster data delivery compared to legacy application and data integration technologies.

Ultra Pipelines also bring guaranteed delivery of data requests. SnapLogic accomplishes this by correlating inbound and outbound messages and ensuring that if a request fails, it is picked up immediately by another instance and restarted without performance delays. With Ultra Pipelines, guaranteed delivery runs across the entire transaction process. Automatic monitoring of performance and requests is also included, to help ensure adherence to corporate governance policies and SLAs. Ultra Pipelines process native JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents, bringing low-latency processing to hierarchical data while supporting all of SnapLogic’s 300+ pre-built Snaps.

 “Ultra Pipelines are a breakthrough for enterprise companies with real-time data-driven insights needs such as a sales and marketing programs, data science for predictive analysis, and customer data distributed across multiple systems,” says Niraj Nagrani, vice president of engineering at SnapLogic. “The frictionless, real-time processing that Ultra Pipelines deliver is what companies need to take full advantage of the cloud and big data.”

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