SnapLogic and AWS Collaborate to Expand LLM-Powered Integration Pipeline Generation

SnapLogic, a leader in generative integration, is announcing its strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with AWS, advancing their mission to offer generative integration solutions around the world.

With generative AI (GenAI) and large language models (LLMs) taking the world by storm, SnapLogic has capitalized on the advancement by leveraging natural language prompts to enable customers to accelerate the development of new integration pipelines. SnapGPT also documents both new and existing pipelines, generates sample data, produces SQL queries, expressions, mappings, and more.

Following the release of SnapGPT, the company added support for Anthropic’s LLM, Claude 2, through Amazon Bedrock, illustrating SnapLogic’s pre-existing investment into the AWS ecosystem. Now propelling that collaboration even further, AWS will aid in expanding SnapLogic’s low-code data integration platform with more integrations and capabilities.

“By deepening our collaboration with AWS, we’re taking another major step in giving organizations the ability to choose generative integration solutions that harness the scale and security AWS inherently provides,” said Jason Wakeam, VP partner sales and OEM at SnapLogic. “Together, this gives customers the opportunity to benefit from turnkey data management and integration solutions the way that best meets the unique needs of their business.”

“We are delighted to be working with SnapLogic,” said Mona Chadha, director, infrastructure partnerships at AWS. “This agreement will empower our customers to seamlessly connect, transform, and integrate their data, further enhancing the value of cloud. Together, we aim to deliver innovative, cloud-native generative integration solutions that drive business agility and help organizations thrive in an increasingly data-driven world."

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