SnapLogic and Maritz Motivation Solutions are Collaborating to Provide Employee Engagement Initiatives

SnapLogic and Maritz Motivation Solutions, a provider of employee engagement solutions, are forging a new partnership that will make it faster and easier for companies to create and manage world-class employee engagement programs.

Leveraging SnapLogic’s modern integration technology, Maritz’s CultureNext engagement platform will connect seamlessly and in real-time to employee data anywhere in the organization, whether from HR information systems such as Workday or employee communication and collaboration applications like Slack and others.

The CultureNext platform provides organizations with flexible technology, services and expansive rewards to help connect employees worldwide.

The addition of SnapLogic’s unified, self-service Enterprise Integration Cloud will ensure real-time access to all relevant HR and employee systems, resulting in faster program creation and deployment, on-demand insights into program performance, greater accuracy and employee workflow support, enhanced ease-of-use for employees via single-sign on, integration with social networks, and simplified IT management and support.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with SnapLogic to ensure CultureNext is powered by real-time access to all workplace systems,” said Kimberly Lanier, vice president of employee engagement at Maritz Motivation Solutions. “This will benefit our customers in HR as they create and roll out programs designed to motivate and engage the workforce, while also simplifying operations and management for IT and creating better end-user experiences for employees.”

The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud accelerates data and process flow across applications, databases, data warehouses, big data streams and IT deployments—whether on-premises or in the cloud.

“CultureNext is a powerful platform for engaging and rewarding employees,” said Allen Lovett, senior vice president of global field operations, SnapLogic. “We’re thrilled to be working together to simplify and streamline access to all of the data and applications that power CultureNext, now and in the future. Only with connected, accurate, real-time data can you drive effective programs that recognize and empower employees and drive a high-performance workplace.”

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