Snow Software Releases AI Assistant in Preview Build to Solve IT Asset Management and FinOps Challenges

Snow Software, a provider of technology intelligence, is previewing Snow Copilot, the first-in-a-series of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities designed to solve large challenges in IT Asset Management (ITAM) and FinOps.

Developed in its innovation incubator Snow Labs, Snow Copilot is an AI assistant that empowers users to ask conversational questions and receive natural language responses, according to the company.

At release, Snow Copilot is available for Software Asset Management (SAM) computer data in Snow Atlas with more use cases being explored over time.

Snow Labs is a multiprong innovation initiative to help organizations make better decisions and deliver positive business outcomes with Technology Intelligence, or the ability to understand and manage all technology data, via Snow Atlas.

The current project focuses on using artificial intelligence to advance data insights and further explore ways to tackle multifaceted ITAM and FinOps challenges, the first offering powered by Snow AI, according to the company.

“We created Snow Labs as a space for rapid experimentation and prototyping, allowing us to test emerging technologies that sat outside of our standard product roadmap,” said Steve Tait, chief technology officer and EVP, research and development at Snow. “Artificial intelligence is a great example of a rapidly evolving, emerging technology that could allow Snow Labs to address a myriad of challenges our customers face when making sense of their technology asset data. We believe that AI will fundamentally transform the way our customers and partners interact with their data. This is just one of many ways we are working to bring our vision around Technology Intelligence to life through innovation.”

Snow Copilot, one of the first AI assistants developed to solve advanced challenges for ITAM and FinOps, leverages the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

According to the company, it allows customers to input questions and receive insights on their computer data, such as “How many computers have been installed in the last 90 days?,” as well as explore “what if” scenarios all directly within Snow Atlas.

Snow Copilot reduces the need to export data into PowerBI or Excel to get insights into advanced questions on forecasting, asset allocation, and trend identification of SAM computer data. All data remains secure in the customer environment ensuring data privacy and integrity, according to the company.

  Additional AI-enabled features within the Snow AI umbrella are under exploration for 2024, including:

  • Machine Learning Entitlement Ingestion: Eliminate manual, costly entitlement uploads with automated invoice processing powered by machine learning.
  • Enhanced Data Intelligence Service (DIS) dataset with OpenAI: Receive more context about the SaaS applications running in your organization with enhanced descriptions including richer details on categories, function, etc. from the Snow DIS normalization and augmentation service.
  • Fine-tuning Large Language Models (LLM) on Snow proprietary data: Make more informed and complex decisions on technology assets with personalized licensing recommendations.

These new AI capabilities will be available on Snow Atlas, the company’s Technology Intelligence platform. The platform, released in 2021, provides a more flexible and scalable foundation for continuous innovation.

Snow Atlas allows organizations to bring together their ITAM, SaaS management, cloud cost and FinOps functions, providing a unified view and actionable intelligence to manage the entire IT landscape.

Snow Copilot and other AI innovations will be available for current Snow Atlas customers who apply for the beta program.

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