Snow Software Unveils New Version of SaaS Management Platform, Giving IT Greater Control of Their SaaS Portfolio

Snow Software, a global leader in technology intelligence, is releasing Snow SaaS Management, a new version of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) management solution that supports IT leaders’ need to take control of their sprawl, manage surprise SaaS costs, mitigate compliance and security risks, and optimize overall spend.


Leveraging Snow’s experience in managing SaaS and available exclusively on the Snow Atlas platform, Snow SaaS Management provides complete visibility across an organization’s IT environment to accurately identify and manage SaaS usage with the most comprehensive discovery engine in the market, according to the vendor.

“We believe that organizations need a SaaS management approach that eliminates the silos between users, departments, and technologies that yields more insights into what applications are being used—and their overall impact,” said Sanjay Castelino, chief product and customer officer of Snow. “With our years of experience in SaaS management and rapidly expanding capabilities available on our Snow Atlas platform, Snow is uniquely positioned to deliver further value to organizations for decades to come. This is a significant moment for Snow as we broaden the reach of our SaaS management solution to the market, taking us another step toward achieving our larger vision of delivering Technology Intelligence to all organizations.”

According to the company, Snow SaaS Management provides market-leading visibility into an organization’s SaaS environment with the most comprehensive discovery engine—a combination of API connectors, agent, single sign-on (SSO) and browser extension—revealing paid, free, known, and unknown SaaS applications to eliminate blind spots.

 Along with comprehensive discovery, Snow SaaS Management provides organizations with verified usage data that offers not only data on application logins but details the duration of time spent in the application down to each individual user.

This is an essential feature for organizations to go beyond surface-level understanding of license allocations and highlights opportunities for optimization based on actual usage. In addition to maximizing optimization, this capability supports organizational security by identifying usage of unsanctioned and free applications.

Powered by Snow’s Data Intelligence Service (DIS), Snow SaaS Management automatically recognizes, normalizes, and augments SaaS application data for more than 23,000 SaaS applications. Armed with this insight, organizations can approach renewals with confidence, eliminate waste and redundancies to save costs, and secure their SaaS environment to mitigate risks, according to the vendor.

Built on Snow Atlas, Snow SaaS Management consolidates comprehensive details on SaaS applications used within the organization, regardless of discovery method, in one place. With a streamlined user experience, IT leaders can see the organization’s SaaS application portfolio and act on the insights provided to drive value from their SaaS investments.

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