Snowflake Computing Invigorates Platform with Improved Set of Automation Abilities

Snowflake Computing, the cloud data warehousing company, is incorporating new capabilities into the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse platform that will simplify data warehousing administration and data protection.

Snowflake’s new automation capabilities eliminate the manual administrative overhead and complexity typically associated with managing and protecting data warehouses for multi-structured big data, according to the company.

These new capabilities will automatically scale performance in the event of a high concurrency, optimize performance for dashboarding and reporting, implement data milestoning, distribute data and manage metadata, and implement high availability & disaster recovery.

“We think the environments for some of these alternatives are really taking customers down a complex path,” said Michael Nixon, senior director of product marketing at Snowflake. “We just think we take customers down a simple path, one of which leverages their existing skills and requires less effort on their part to receive the business insights they require.”

Other new capabilities include a multi-cluster warehouse, an adaptive query results cache, time travel, adaptive data management, and multi-datacenter resiliency.

“This really takes our automation to the next level,” Nixon said.  A broad range of users will benefit the most from this update, according to Nixon.

The company hopes to further boost its automation capabilities in the near future, Nixon said. “Anything we can do to minimize that cycle time of data ingest to data analytics to data insights, then it broadens the turnaround time or reduces even further the level of latency to produce those analytics so you’ll get more advanced automated environments,” Nixon said. “We’ll be able to touch a broader range of end users, use cases, or applications. We see a world that opens up to us and a lot of that will be driven through automation and reduced latency.”

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