Snowflake Computing Makes its Data Warehousing Platform More Accessible to Users

Snowflake Computing is making its platform more accessible to users with Snowflake On Demand—a sign-up process for data users to get immediate insight from Snowflake’s data warehouse.

According to the vendor, with a virtual swipe of a credit card on Snowflake’s website, data users can access the only data warehouse built for the cloud. They can store and analyze their data without relying on their own IT group to get up and running quickly.

The offer gives customers a secure sign-up process; access to all Snowflake Standard Edition features, including Time Travel, automatic data encryption, and instant cloning; a $400 credit toward the first month’s usage; content and tutorials; and sample datasets, including weather and stock ticker data. In addition to Snowflake On-Demand, the company is decreasing the price of its uncompressed cloud storage by 75%, effective Nov. 1, to the current baseline price of Amazon S3 - Snowflake’s cloud storage provider.

 “While our pricing structure was very competitive to what you find in the industry, customers were hesitant to put their business data into Snowflake because they feel storage is very much a commodity,” said Bob Muglia, CEO. Snowflake will continue to gauge consumer feedback to improve scaling, SQL, and more in the future, according to Muglia. “There’s a lot of work to do in the product,” Muglia said. “We’re in a strong leadership position right now but we see ourselves as continuing to be able to innovate and take these next steps.”

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