Snowflake Creates the Snowflake Data Exchange

Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, is introducing the Snowflake Data Exchange, an all-new shared data experience.  

The Data Exchange is a free-to-join marketplace that enables Snowflake customers to connect with data from providers to seamlessly discover, access, and generate insights from data.

The technology marks the next step in the widespread use of data as a business asset by breaking down barriers through Snowflake’s secure, cloud-built data warehouse. The Data Exchange is currently available in private preview, with public preview set to launch later this year.

Unlike traditional data transfer done via APIs or extracting data to cloud storage, the Data Exchange improves control and security related to exchanging data, and makes the integration and query of data seamless.

Customers will be able to connect with the Data Exchange easily from their Snowflake account and browse a data catalog to discover and securely access real-time data that they can join with their existing data sets in Snowflake. Customers of the Data Exchange will not incur any data storage fees related to accessing the provider-hosted data.

Data providers can create new revenue streams by sharing live data in a fully-governed way and promote their data services to more than 2,000 Snowflake customers. Providers can make the data available to all or to specific customers without creating copies of the data.

 “The Snowflake Data Exchange allows our customers to interchange data in a secure, innovative and friction-free way,” said Frank Slootman, Snowflake CEO. “Our customers are looking for ways to leverage and monetize their data. Snowflake is uniquely positioned to facilitate secure data sharing between all types of organizations because of our built-for-the-cloud architecture.”

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