Snowflake Introduces Data Sharing

Snowflake Computing, a provider of cloud data warehouse technology, is extending its concept of the modern data warehouse to what it calls a “data sharehouse.”

The company has announced new updates that allow an enterprise to share any part of its data warehouse in a governed and secure way. With Snowflake Data Sharing, businesses can share their live, ready-to-use structured and semi-structured data, and consume the same types of data from other enterprises without the need for copying or moving data. The capability enables enterprises to address new markets, offer new and enhanced products and services, and drive new revenue and business efficiencies, according to Snowflake. 

Using commands, an enterprise can share or acquire live and secure read-only access to any part of a data warehouse with and from other enterprises.

According to Snowflake, the benefits of Snowflake Data Sharing for customers include the ability to natively store all structured and semi-structured data once and share limitlessly with no data movement for faster time-to-value; gain access to live data without the intermediate, steps of outdated data sharing methods such as e-mail, FTP, EDI and APIs; have secure and governed data with benefits of Snowflake’s modern data warehouse; and achieve a cloud sharing environment that eliminates the need and cost to store another enterprise’s data.. Data sharing business agreements are direct between data producers and consumers. Snowflake does not impose the “tax” that is imposed by other approaches to data sharing.

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