Snyk AppRisk Establishes the Next Era of Developer Security

Snyk, a provider of developer security, is releasing Snyk AppRisk, a solution designed to empower application security (AppSec) teams with the comprehensive Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) workbench.

Snyk AppRisk is an ASPM solution that creates seamless collaboration between developer and security teams to address cybersecurity challenges, while also delivering C-Suite stakeholders visibility into software supply chain risk posture and their overall AppSec program performance, according to the company.

Building on nearly a decade of Snyk's experience working with enterprise customers to implement and scale effective developer security programs, a mission accelerated by the recent acquisition of Enso Security as well as the organic innovation of Insights, Snyk is now able to offer an unrivaled ASPM solution.

According to the company, Snyk AppRisk delivers automated application asset discovery, tailored security controls, and risk-based prioritization to ensure developer and security teams are collaborating on risk via an advanced evidence graph linking development workflows to the apps deployed in the cloud.

Snyk AppRisk enables developers to maximize their time by being in lockstep with their security counterparts to ensure they focus on the remediation efforts that will have the largest risk reduction impact on the business.

As a result, developer and security teams can together define appropriate guardrails to prevent security issues throughout the full software development lifecycle (SDLC) as well as measure the overall effectiveness of their developer security program.

“With the recent explosion of generative AI innovation, the speed of software development has reached new heights, while, at the same time, software supply chains are increasingly more complex as evidenced by the lingering effects of the Log4j vulnerability two years later. The need for developer and security teams to share application visibility, risk context and intelligent policy guardrails is critical to delivering innovation with trust.” said Manoj Nair, chief product officer, Snyk. “Snyk AppRisk will serve as a crucial linchpin for development and security teams to more effectively collaborate, fortifying their overall risk posture without sacrificing their speed to market.”

According to the company, Snyk AppRisk complements the breadth and depth of the Snyk Developer Security Platform and is designed to deliver a holistic, developer-first ASPM workbench, equipping and empowering global DevSecOps teams to:

  • Automate application asset discovery: continually discovering application assets and classifying them by business context, ensuring security is fully in sync with developers;
  • Create tailored security controls: defining and managing appropriate security and compliance requirements, while verifying applications have the correct controls in place; and,
  • Leverage risk-based prioritization: blending application context with best-in-class security and fix analysis to quantify risk and create an evidence graph, ensuring developer remediation efforts are focused on the issues that pose the biggest risk to the business.

Snyk AppRisk will prove critical for security teams as they tackle new vulnerable code components, thanks to a policy-driven approach—quickly identifying which assets are affected and prioritizing developer remediation efforts to significantly cut down on breach impact.

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