Softbuilder Offers ERBuilder Data Modeler for Free for Remote Workers During COVID-19

Softbuilder, a French software expert for innovative database tools, is offering a free 6-months license for each license bought for their leading software ERBuilder Data Modeler, a reference for easy data modeling, to assist workers as they do their jobs remotely during COVID-19.

This free license can be installed on a personal computer in order to facilitate working from home.

ERBuilder Data Modeler was specially designed for easily creating high quality data models.

“We wanted to create a tool that was intuitive and easy to get a grip on so that data architects and modelers could be more productive and concentrate their efforts on data modeling,” said Mohammed Tadlaoui, president of Softbuilder.

According to Softbuilder, the solution is:

  • Comprehensive: it is rich in features when compared with competitor’s tools and allows data modelers and architects to carry out the majority of their tasks with just one tool
  • Easy to use: this user-friendly tool can be used right away thanks to a clear and intuitive interface
  • Reassuring: it contains several safeguards to eliminate modeling errors to a maximum
  • Innovative: it contains features that competitor's tools don’t have, such as assisted data model checking using a database sandbox
  • In compliance with specifications of DataBase Management Systems
  • Multi DBMS: it supports popular DBMSs such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Azure SQL Database, Amazon Redshift, SQLite, and Firebird.

Thanks to the rich graphical user interface, the company says, creating and designing a model can be done in just a few clicks through professional drawing tools. ERBuilder supports the most popular notations such as IDEF1X, Crow's Foot, Codasyl, and relational notation.

Data model checking and SQL DDL script creation is fast and it is also possible to generate SQL scripts for a part of or the entirety of the model, or even directly generate the database, the company notes.

Starting with an existing database, users can create a graphic data model with just a few clicks. Reverse engineering is done very simply by connecting to the database (local or remote).

ERBuilder Data Modeler can find and avoid potential errors in the created model. Each model can be validated in 3 ways: by using the model verification feature, by creating and querying virtual data (to test the data model securely with realistic test data) or even by generating a Web user interface.

It is easy to describe each object of the model and quickly generate a document that is easy to navigate, including diagrams and all the objects of the data model.

ERBuilder provides a schema synchronization feature that helps data modelers easily manage the differences between the data model and database (generation of a SQL synchronization script).

It is also possible to compare and visualize the differences between two models and/or databases and create a comparison report.

The data model DBMS can be changed at any time, in “zero headaches” mode since the software automatically converts all the types of data.

ERBuilder allows users to open several projects simultaneously. This makes it easier to reuse one part of a model in another by simply copy and pasting.

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