Software AG Acquires Time Series Analytics Provider

Software AG has acquired a visual data analytics product line for the manufacturing and process industry that is intended to complement Software AG’s Cumulocity Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 product portfolio. TrendMiner enables enterprises to recognize patterns and trends in their process data, identify production irregularities, and adapt necessary process adjustments early—without the need for support from IT specialists or data scientists. 

Following its acquisitions of artificial intelligence (AI) specialist Zementis (2016) and Cumulocity IoT (2017), Software AG’s acquisition of TrendMiner is consolidating its leading position in the rapidly growing IoT market. TrendMiner employs advanced analytics methods such as diagnostic, visual and predictive analytics used in AI algorithms; the technology uses all available time-series IoT data and delivers findings in a user-friendly format.

“TrendMiner provides an ideal fit into our Cumulocity IoT portfolio at a strategically decisive moment,” said Karl-Heinz Streibich, Software AG CEO. “We are in a phase of dynamic market development for IoT applications. Together with TrendMiner, we will be able to offer a leading streaming and visual time-series analytics platform—a unique combination.”

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