Software AG Announces Process Improvement Accelerator

Software AG unveiled a process improvement accelerator designed to accelerate business optimization and automation projects based on specific industry requirements or cross-industry topics such as compliance, supply chain management  or customer relationship management initiatives.

The new accelerator, called Prime, combines methodology, blueprints and industry specific best practices. Prime is based on industry standards such as ARIS and supports the creation and optimization of end-to-end processes based on a variety of applications such as solutions from SAP and platforms such as webMethods.

"With Prime we are delivering over 2,500 process blueprints based on more than 20 years of industry knowledge and thousands of man-years accumulated experience," says Ivo Totev, global consulting and support executive with Software AG. "This allows customers to revolutionize the way they improve their processes, resulting in a maximum return on investment and minimal time to value."

The offering includes access to 30 industry specific out-of-the-box best practices and more than 2,500 detailed processes.

More information is available from Software AG.