Software AG Announces Two New IoT Partnerships

Software AG has announced two new partnerships to expand its Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities and ecosystem, a priority for the company as it works to enable customers to keep up with today’s technological innovations.

Software AG is partnering with OSIsoft and Dürr AG. 

 OSIsoft is an application software company with a PI System that captures large volumes of disparate data from sensors, IoT gateways, manufacturing equipment and other devices, and then structures and cleans it so that it can be used to optimize ongoing operations or conduct business analytics. The companies say the partnership will enable enterprises to make digital transformation possible by turning data from operations into actionable information and empowering users to perform their own analyses, thus enhancing their decision-making and capturing previously hidden insights.

Dürr AG is a mechanical and plant engineering firms with automation expertise. This strategic partnership is focused on developing new IoT Industry 4.0 solutions. Dürr’s new cloud-ready IoT platform will include best-of-breed digital solutions, technologies and applications from iTAC Software AG – the company’s IoT software subsidiary – as well as Software AG and other partners. The basis of this platform is provided by a jointly developed open IoT framework that defines the necessary capabilities and integration interfaces.

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