Software AG Brings Predictive Analytics to Mainframe Settings

Software AG has updated its Zementis Predictive Analytics product to support IBM z Systems and Adabas and Natural applications and databases. Zementis supports artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models in batch or real-time transactions, which in turn delivers operational AI for fast-moving, big data applications.

“There are many large businesses and government organizations that have significant investments in mainframe systems,” says Dr. Wolfram Jost, chief technology officer at Software AG. “By extending and evolving these mainframe systems with powerful analytics capabilities during transaction processing, these enterprises can gain significant insights affecting a variety of outcomes, including real-time fraud detection, risk avoidance, and monitoring of sensitive big data for improper use or access.”

Software AG’s Zementis product line integrates enterprise-grade predictive analytics into the IBM z Systems z/OS data lifecycle ecosystem. The offering scoring functionality of predictive models in key transaction environments, including CICS, Apache Spark and WebSphere for z/OS. 

Extending Zementis for IBM z Systems to Adabas & Natural enables the integration of transactional data from Adabas mainframe databases to real-time analytics and predictive insights. Enterprise data can be replicated, accessed and analyzed with minimal overhead and data movement, thus further protecting sensitive data and improving efficiency.

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