Software AG Buys CEP Platform Apama from Progress Software

Software AG has agreed to acquire Apama, a platform for complex event processing (CEP) and CEP-powered solutions, from Progress Software. Apama CEP allows organizations to correlate and analyze business activities across multiple data streams in real-time and take immediate action in response. Software AG says it expects that the high performance Apama CEP platform together with Software AG's low-latency messaging and in-memory technology will enable customers to gain maximum value from real-time business data in areas where sub-second response times to events are critical - such as fraud detection, capital markets trading or customer experience management.

Under the deal, Software AG will take over the Apama technology teams based primarily in Cambridge (UK), Bedford (USA) and Hyderabad (India). Also included are the global Apama sales and technical teams which serve their customer base in financial services, communications and other markets. Software AG will maintain the Apama product brand name. Software AG will also continue and expand Apama's industry and solution focus areas, including capital markets trading, risk and surveillance, as well as more broadly location and context-aware customer experience management and fraud prevention.

“Data can lose its value in an instant,” said Robin Gilthorpe, CEO of Software AG's Terracotta and member of the Software AG Group Executive Board. “Software AG's big data technology focuses on empowering enterprises to react to complex data while that data is still live and while a reaction still has significant business impact – whether preventing fraud, increasing sales or even in saving lives. This acquisition is a major step in delivering on our strategy of empowering enterprises to derive meaningful business insights and value from big data.”

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