Software AG Creates webMethods AppMesh

Software AG is releasing webMethods AppMesh, a configurable control plane for microservices, APIs, and service mesh that adds application context to service mesh, providing better agility, management, and governance of microservices as business apps.

Designed to plug in to any service mesh, webMethods AppMesh gives organizations the application awareness needed to manage API-led integrations with more efficiency.

Specifically, the new tool allows organizations to apply business rules to drive application-specific behavior, create application-level governance and security policies, add new services and capabilities, and perform context-aware application routing and orchestration – all without changing existing microservices or the underlying code.

Some of the most important benefits of Software AG’s new webMethods AppMesh are its ability to provide organizations with deep visibility into how an application is running and who’s using it/what they’re doing with it; to centralize app governance; and to easily provision and scale across an architecture.

Key features include:

  • Custom Access Protection
  • Sophisticated Policy-Based Control –
  • Traffic Monitoring and Control
  • Plug in to the Service Mesh
  • Dashboard for Service Visibility
  • Add and Remove Services from the webMethods AppMesh
  • Automatically Expose API Interface

“As businesses scale, their IT landscape and ecosystems become a lot more complex,” said Dr. Stefan Sigg, chief product officer of Software AG. “While the service mesh was created to address network-level concerns such as service discovery, connectivity and security, it lacks application and business context. webMethods AppMesh adds the missing piece to make solutions understandable and usable to application owners and API providers. In turn, organizations are able to create new applications more quickly and decrease the time it takes to get these to market.”

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