Software AG Launches a New In-Memory Database Platform

Software AG is releasing Terracotta DB, a distributed, in-memory database platform that delivers high-speed performance for combined operational and analytical processing.

Terracotta DB can work with any application that creates new, rapidly changing data types—structured, semi-structured, unstructured, and polymorphic data—as well as large volumes of data, or scale beyond the capacity constraints of existing systems, according to the vendor.

“Unlike traditional NoSQL Database platforms, Terracotta DB is in-memory, provides predictable latency at scale and can handle high-speed operational storage and analytical processing requirements on the same platform. This is a significant differentiator for enterprises wishing to leverage a data store that is a natural fit for building microservices and IoT applications for scale,”  said Wolfram Jost, chief technology officer, Software AG.

Terracotta DB is built on top of the distributed in-memory data grid—Terracotta BigMemory.

Key business use cases include supply chain, inventory management, payment processing, fraud detection, e-commerce order processing and fulfillment, claim management, and any form of distributed data storage with low latency data access requirements across web applications.

Terracotta DB offers  in-memory data storage at scale; in-memory search with optional secondary indexes; simplified management, monitoring and cluster setup; stream-based computation data pipelines for high-speed in-situ analytical processing; accelerator for building microservices using webMethods adaptor; visual Analytics on Terracotta DB data powered by MashZone NextGen

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