Software AG Moves IT and Process Software Out to Cloud

Software AG announced cloud-based IT and process management technologies at its recent user conference in San Francisco. Portfolios Live is a cloud-based service that provides CIOs the ability to manage and transform IT landscapes based on budget, regulatory, legal and technical information. A sister product, Process Live, is a cloud-based service integrating social collaboration with process improvement.

“We've changed our architecture from client/server to an event-driven architecture,” Software AG CTO Wolfram Jost said at the keynote kicking off the conference. “It gives us much more flexibility to use the components. Our components are publishing and subscribe events. ”

Portfolios Live offers pre-configured solutions for specific tasks 

Portfolios Live offers a set of pre-configured solutions for specific tasks that enterprise architects and portfolio managers manage on a day-to-day basis. The service is intended to provide the transparency required for IT planning. It equips portfolio owners to gather and maintain data concerning their application landscape. Based on this, it provides step-by-step guidance and ultimately the visualization and reports that make the basis and justification for IT investment decisions apparent. It identifies candidates for consolidation or transition into the cloud, assesses the cost structure of the application portfolio, the underlying technological risk and contractual obligations. Portfolios Live is part of Software AG Live, a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) suite.

Process Live helps organizations improve processes in the cloud

Process Live is built on ARIS technology, and is intended to help organizations to design, share and collaboratively improve processes in the cloud. As Process Live is integrated with the ARIS Community, users can leverage the knowledge of over 250,000 community members for their projects.

webMethods 9.5 includes an elastic enterprise service bus

Software AG also announced the launch of the next version of its webMethods platform. webMethods 9.5 includes an elastic enterprise service bus, as well as support for social and mobile business process management. New features in webMethods 9.5 include Elastic ESB, which enables the dynamical scaling their implementations into private and public clouds.

webMethods BPMS solution now provides guidance tools 

With social BPM, the webMethods BPMS solution now provides guidance tools to help users be more effective and efficient in managing and completing tasks. With Social BPM, tasks can be tagged to facilitate the identification of expertise resources so that work can be routed to the best expert available. Mobile BPM enables users to remotely monitor in-progress processes using a pre-built mobile business process monitoring application that is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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