Software AG Partners with Microsoft to Accelerate Migrations to Azure

Software AG and Microsoft have introduced a new solution that enables enterprises to accelerate and simplify migration to Microsoft Azure while ensuring business continuity. Software AG’s new Cloud Migration Accelerator, which is based on the company’s Integration platform, is intended to hep enterprises to connect to applications, cloud services, and data faster.

According to the vendors, cloud migrations are often a complex journey, challenging IT teams to move or replace on-premise technology to the cloud while ensuring that ongoing business operations run smoothly.

Moving existing applications to the cloud involves a continuous need to connect or re-connect applications from on-premise to new cloud services, or new cloud services to other new cloud services. Making this hybrid transition as smooth as possible—while also maintaining business operations and access to data—is critical for enterprises.

“Most large cloud migrations face the challenge of ensuring business continuity while the IT landscape changes at the same time. Software AG’s webMethods gives enterprises the opportunity to create a smooth migration path to the cloud and immediately capitalize on the benefits of Microsoft Azure,” said Judson Althoff, EVP, Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft.

The Cloud Migration Accelerator based on is immediately available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a SaaS offering. For more information, go to