Software AG Partners with Proginet to Add Managed File Transfer

Software AG, a provider of business infrastructure software, and Proginet Corporation, a supplier of global file transfer software, announced they are jointly shipping a solution for managed file transfer within Software AG's webMethods Suite for SOA governance.

webMethods ActiveTransfer, built on Proginet's CyberFusion Integration Suite, offers organizations a secure way to transfer large files, facilitate trading partner integration, and enable better compliance with regulatory mandates and security best practices.

"The transferring of large files inside of any organization is really always a challenge," John Fitzgerald, director of product marketing for Software AG's  SOA infrastructure products, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "You can leverage things like FTP or other basic file transfer solutions, but there are inherent challenges with them being insecure or failure-prone, or in some cases, almost a 'put-together' solution." As a result of the partnership with Proginet, webMethods ActiveTransfer "adds a managed file transfer capability to our suite, which allows organizations to guarantee the delivery of files securely and reliably by leveraging existing technologies to ensure that those files get from one point to another."

webMethods ActiveTransfer, which features zero-footprint deployment, provides a single point of control and management for all of an organization's file transfer activity. and enables organizations to exchange information securely between all major computer platforms, as well as over the Internet. The solution supports various communication protocols, and provides for the transmission of important business documents with trusted recipients across geographically dispersed networks. Another feature, Checkpoint Restart functionality, provides guaranteed delivery, while resuming the transfer of any file from the point of failure, rather than from the beginning of the transfer.

webMethods ActiveTransfer is fully integrated with the webMethods Suite, and offers a replacement for older file transfer systems. Integration with webMethods also extends large file support to the entire webMethods Suite and enables companies to extend file-based interactions to their SOA.

The product will ship on April 22. For more information, click here.