Software AG and Wipro Dive into the Internet of Things

Software AG and Wipro Ltd. announced a joint solution platform for streaming analytics that provides real-time actionable intelligence for the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market. The solution, branded as Wipro Looking Glass, is engineered to respond to events in real-time with unlimited scalability.    

“The key to successfully addressing the IoT market is the ability to rapidly build and evolve apps that tap into, analyze and make smart decisions on fast, big data,” said John Bates, global head of industry solutions and CMO for Software AG. “This partnership addresses these requirements by combining Wipro’s dedicated Software AG product practice, support services and a sharp industry focus with Software AG’s industry leading Streaming Analytics product suite – together delivering a unique and powerful streaming analytics solution platform.”

Looking Glass is a streaming analytics-based architectural framework. In the first release, Wipro is leveraging Software AG’s Big Data Streaming

Analytics product suite, which is designed to integrate, capture, analyze and respond to IoT data. The solution components include a real-time analytics engine, in memory database technology, a real-time user interface and mashup technologies. These components are proven to scale in high speed and big data environments, in various industries such as financial services, manufacturing, supply chain and telecommunications.       

Wipro Looking Glass can be run both on-premises as well as hosted in a single cloud or multiple clouds simultaneously.

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