Sogeti Signs on to IBM BlueMix

IBM and Sogeti, a subsidiary of the Capgemini Group, are partnering to bring IBM’s cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Bluemix, to developers and clients. As the largest deployment of Cloud Foundry in the world, Bluemix has the potential to help Sogeti build hybrid cloud applications across public, private and on-premises infrastructure faster with more streamlined integration.

“As cloud continues to transform how we collaborate and work with technology, many of our clients are looking to build more and more of their apps and systems with cloud,” said Andreas Sjöström, vice president and global head of digital at Sogeti. “However, many are still hesitating to make such a transition, due to requirements around data privacy, security and performance in the cloud. With Bluemix Dedicated, we are able to help address these concerns by offering dedicated servers and cloud data centers, while still offering the highly valuable benefits of a cloud infrastructure, such as accelerated business speed, collaboration and visibility.”

In addition to opening access to Bluemix for its own developers, Sogeti will use it to power existing end-user solutions for commerce, the internet of things (IoT) and data analytics for clients in retail, healthcare, transportation, and energy and utilities.

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