Solace Improves the Cloud Deployment of its Event Driven Architecture

Solace is offering a series of cloud-based developments designed to help organizations integrate data held in legacy systems into cloud-based applications.

Firstly, Solace has added enhanced integration capabilities that make it easier to extend event meshes to the cloud. An event mesh is a way of distributing events among decoupled applications, cloud services, and devices.

Solace has now developed additional connectors that are integrated into its event brokers and make it easy to link legacy applications with cloud-native services and serverless functions, starting with connectors for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Secondly, Solace will make its PubSub+ event streaming and management platform available within the marketplaces of all of the leading cloud services.

PubSub+ event brokers are available natively within the AWS and Azure marketplaces, and will be extended into Google Cloud Platform and other leading cloud marketplaces throughout 2022.

These cloud enhancements are part of the Solace Event Horizon initiative – which consists of a series of product, partner, education, and community-building developments designed to make it easier for global enterprises to adopt and benefit from EDA, according to the vendor.

“A recent survey confirmed that EDA is fast becoming key priority for optimizing the movement of critical business data, helping global enterprises respond more quickly to events and changes in real-time. Three of the most common applications of real-time data cited by survey respondents were application integration, data sharing across applications, and connecting IoT devices,” said Denis King, CEO, Solace. “These latest cloud developments are a key part of the Solace strategy to help organizations unlock the agility, flexibility and adaptability benefits of real-time data movement.”

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