SolarWinds Acquires Trusted Metrics, Adding Threat Monitoring and Management to Portfolio

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, has acquired Trusted Metrics, a provider of real-time threat monitoring and management software.

The acquisition extends SolarWinds' IT management portfolio to include security monitoring.

"When we look at the rapidly changing IT security landscape, the proliferation of mass-marketed malware and the non-discriminatory approach of cybercriminals, we believe that real-time threat monitoring and management shouldn't be a luxury, but an affordable option for everyone," said Kevin Thompson, CEO, SolarWinds. "The acquisition of Trusted Metrics will allow us to offer a new product in the SolarWinds mold—powerful, easy to use, scalable—that is designed to give businesses the ability to more easily protect IT environments and business operations."

The new security software product, SolarWinds Threat Monitor, is an automated tool that is designed to reduce the complexity of threat detection for IT operations teams as well as for MSPs and MSSPs (managed security service providers). According to SolarWinds, the unified platform—which includes automated threat hunting, active response to security incidents, and audit-ready reports—is designed to be an easy-to-use first step in helping organizations improve their security posture more easily and affordably.

Threat Monitor can detect suspicious activity and malware by aggregating asset data, security events, host intrusion detection, network intrusion detection, and correlating that data with continuously updated threat intelligence, identifying the danger signals amidst all the innocent noise of a normal network.

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