SolarWinds Beefs Up its SaaS-Based DevOps Portfolio

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, is releasing new features for its SaaS-based DevOps portfolio consisting of Pingdom, AppOptics, Papertrail, and Loggly.

Building on the strength of the portfolio’s unmatched inside-out view across the internal aspects of cloud environments—metrics, traces, and logs—plus an external view of the user experience, SolarWinds has added container views and exception tracking to its AppOptics solution, JSON support to its Papertrail solution, and a common login into the portfolio.

These products can be used individually to provide visibility into cloud-based infrastructure and application performance or used together as a DevOps toolkit to maintain 360-degree visibility into their cloud environments.

New additions to the SolarWinds DevOps portfolio:

  • AppOptics – The infrastructure and application monitoring solution now includes container views and exception tracking. With container views, DevOps teams will be able to see container-specific attributes as well as container KPIs, including CPU, RSS memory, and more. One key differentiator for AppOptics is the ability to easily link and navigate to the application performance monitoring (APM) interface for the service running on the container where it would typically be running a single service. This allows DevOps teams to easily monitor the infrastructure KPIs for the containers and quickly link and navigate to see the APM interfaces—transactions, traces, database performance—for the services running on the containers. With exception tracking, DevOps teams can surface error events that are currently reported by the instrumentation, get a list of all available error messages for the given time period for the current service, the volume of each error message, and the volume of each error message over time.
  • Papertrail – The log management tool now can ingest, index, search, filter, and render structured JSON log messages in its easy-to-use and powerful interface, giving DevOps teams the ability to troubleshoot application errors, diagnose operational issues, detect anomalies, and trace problems by monitoring Java application logs.
  • Common Login – The SolarWinds tools for DevOps—Pingdom, AppOptics, Papertrail, and Loggly—now share a unified, common login process and login screen. Once a user logs in with their ID and password they can now easily switch between the tools for streamlined visibility to quickly identify and troubleshoot problems.

In addition to the latest new features, each of the DevOps products are continuously updated with improvements based on customer input. Loggly, which provides log monitoring and analytics, has made enhancements to its user settings, noisy alert suppression, list views, and Surround Search.

Pingdom, the web performance management and user experience monitoring solution, has added SSL certificate monitoring, increased data retention for all users of Visitor Insights/Real User Monitoring, and added shareable interactive reports.

 The AppOptics container views and exception tracking, Papertrail support for JSON, and common login are the latest milestones for the SolarWinds product portfolio for DevOps, as it continues to deliver easy-to-use yet powerful cloud monitoring solutions to help solve specific pain points as standalone products or as a set of solutions for broader, more complex use cases.

Deployed individually or together, the products are designed to take less time to get up and running, with less work to maintain—while remaining affordable.

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