SolarWinds Centers PostgreSQL Support with Latest Database Performance Analyzer Update

SolarWinds, a leading provider of simple, powerful, secure observability and IT management software, is announcing a series of enhancements for the SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), the monitoring and optimization solution for multiple database management system (DBMS) platforms, available in the cloud and on-premises environments. These latest updates increase transparency and control for databases, ultimately empowering enterprises to get more value out of PostgreSQL.

This newest version of the SolarWinds DPA (version 2024.2) offers greater support for PostgreSQL, optimizing database performance, minimizing bottlenecks, reducing costs, and increasing the efficiency of database management. New capabilities for the SolarWinds DPA include: 

  • Tuning advisors for improving PostgreSQL database clusters via query, table, and index examination
  • Migration support for transitioning from Oracle to PostgreSQL

DPA challenges the traditional approach to database management by transcending fragmented monitoring to deliver a holistic, unified observability interface centered on user-friendliness. Aiming to allow database and non-database professionals alike the ability to easily monitor PostgreSQL databases and migrate from Oracle, DPA enables enterprise teams to optimize their databases for performance and stability.

"At SolarWinds, we understand the critical role of database performance in driving business success," said Jeff Stewart, VP of product management at SolarWinds. “These enhancements to our database performance management solutions aim to provide our customers with the insights, monitoring capabilities, and AI-powered guidance we know firsthand they need to deliver a seamless user experience through even the most complex database management challenges.”

DPA is only part of SolarWinds’ AI-powered insights suite, offering other database performance management solutions like SQL Sentry and SolarWinds Observability.

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