SolarWinds Covers the Databases Through Acquisition of VividCortex

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, has acquired VividCortex, a provider of SaaS-delivered database performance management with an emphasis on databases commonly used in cloud-native applications designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

According to SolarWinds, as organizations deploy more cloud-native and hybrid applications and databases, technology professionals need access to products designed to cover the full range of databases that are both on-premise and cloud-native.

SolarWinds plans to add the VividCortex product to its IT operations management portfolio beginning in Q4 2019. The SaaS-based offering will complement SolarWinds' Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), an on-premise and cloud-deployed product. The new product will support full visibility into major open source databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, MongoDB, and Redis.

“For 20 years, SolarWinds has been committed to making IT look easy by arming technology pros with the powerful tools they need to solve today’s IT management challenges. We do this by responding to well-understood, everyday problems based on input and feedback from our customers and the technology professionals we serve,” said Kevin Thompson, CEO of SolarWinds. “The ubiquity of applications has made the database core to any IT professional's job and something they interact with every day to serve the businesses they help grow and succeed. This new offering, combined with our leading database management products for Microsoft SQL and Oracle, extends our coverage for monitoring these critical assets.”

By adding VividCortex to the SolarWinds portfolio of products, the company can now offer teams the ability to delve deeply into app traces, infrastructure monitoring, metrics, both traditional and cloud-native database performance, digital experience monitoring, logs, and network monitoring, Thompson said.

“The powerful database management solution VividCortex provides offers us another compelling product, with demonstrated ROI, to enhance our ability to serve IT professionals in organizations of all sizes while meaningfully expanding our total addressable markets.”