SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer 10.0 Adds Support for MySQL

SolarWinds, a provider of hybrid IT infrastructure management platforms, is adding support for MySQL databases to one of its powerful solutions.

With the addition of MySQL to SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 10.0, the solution supports what it says are the top three database platforms, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL, plus additional ones.

MySQL, a popular open source database, is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle.

“Database administers really like the ability to see what’s happening inside their database and have the ability to fix problems. DPA allows you to quickly pinpoint what is slowing down your database and applications and you can find problems that are usually very hard to find within your database,” said Gerardo Dada, vice president of product marketing at SolarWinds.

Database administrators (DBAs), application developers and operations teams will now be able to leverage  enterprise-grade database performance tuning, metric visibility and resource correlation based on a unique wait-time-analytics and resource correlation approach to help improve the performance of corporate, cloud and SaaS applications based on any of these databases from within a single management dashboard.

Some of the benefits SolarWinds DPA will now offer DBAs include the ability to use wait time analytics and Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis, including dynamic baselining, alerting and custom reports to help pinpoint the root cause of database performance issues and anomalies quickly and easily, and safely use SolarWinds DPA’s agentless architecture in MySQL development, test, staging, and production environments, among other new capabilities.

The addition of MySQL was based on customer feedback, Dada explained. “We found that many companies, those especially using Oracle, have been considering MySQL for some time and now they are starting to move some workloads to MySQL databases driven in large part to save licensing and maintenance costs because MySQL has become a viable enterprise database for most workloads,” Dada said. “We’ve been getting more and more feedback from customers that they want to use the same tool to monitor MySQL and we are finally there.”

Plans for more enhancements, support, and integration are underway as the company has increased investment in engineering, according to Dada. “We are looking at other database engines, based on customer feedback to determine which ones are the ones we should support next,” Dada said.

Besides Oracle(Enterprise and Standard Editions), MySQL, and SQL Server, SolarWinds DPA also supports DB2 and SAP ASE. 

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