SolarWinds Enables Remediation Actions for Performance Issues in Virtualized Environments

SolarWinds, a provider of IT performance management software, is updating its virtualization suite, which provides troubleshooting and monitoring for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere to manage and optimize virtual environments. 

“With Virtualization Manager version 6.3, we wanted to give administrators the ability to make remediation and to take action within the console,” said Nikki Jennings, SolarWinds’ group vice president of products and markets. “With the power of all this information we wanted administrators to see that there’s a problem and take action.”

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager now includes management actions within the product dashboard for immediate remediation when performance, capacity, or sprawl issues are identified.

Additionally, IT pros can configure alerts to automatically trigger a management action to enhance optimal performance of virtual machines supporting mission critical applications around the clock.

Additional improvements to the Virtualization Manager include migration management action, vMotionand Live Migration, storage vMotion and storage live migration, stop, start and pause a virtual machine, create and delete snapshots, sprawl management actions, adding or removing CPU from a virtual machine, adding or removing RAM from a virtual machine, removing or deleting virtual machines to reclaim resources, and deleting orphaned virtual machine disks to reclaim data store storage.

The updated platform will benefit virtualization administrators, allowing them to have insight into the entire virtualized infrastructure from the application all the way to the storage layer, Jennings said. “They are able to collaborate if there is an issue, they can hand that off to the appropriate person, which reduces the time to get something resolved in an environment.”

SolarWinds’ goal is to move toward automation, Jennings said, so the system can make changes in the environment based on learning what the resources are without the administrator.

For more information about the enhanced platform, go here.