SolarWinds’ Enhancements to its Observability Solution Takes the Unknown Out of Database Management

SolarWinds, a provider of simple, powerful, secure observability and IT management software, is releasing a series of improvements for its Database Observability capability, designed to provide even greater visibility into open source, cloud-enabled, and NoSQL databases. Offered within the cloud-based SolarWinds Observability platform, Database Observability aims to remediate complex database challenges plaguing IT teams.

SolarWinds Database Observability is born from a need to properly manage and understand proprietary databases. In other observability tools, database observability is often treated “as a black box,” neglecting to provide “the deep insights and root cause analysis capabilities needed to identify and fix database problems,” said Cullen Childress, group vice president of product at SolarWinds.

Database complexity has grown alongside the complexity of digital environments. As we continuously dive deeper into hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, the need for an observability solution that holistically surfaces database issues is critical.

“Database specialists and IT teams must have a clear understanding of database performance to successfully maintain the health, stability, and scalability of their services,” said Childress. “Yet, research conducted by SolarWinds has found that nearly half of IT professionals lack visibility into the majority of their organization’s apps and infrastructure.”

Acting as part of the SolarWinds Database Performance Management portfolio—which includes other technologies such as SQL Sentry and Database Performance Analyzer—Database Observability is positioned to elevate the traditional coverage of observability by making database performance transparent and understandable.

Database Observability offers full, unified visibility and query-level workload monitoring across centralized, distributed, cloud-based, and on-premises databases. Engineered for the cloud and driving simplicity in database performance management, SolarWinds’ Database Observability focuses on reducing the risk of downtime, increasing quality of service delivery, and mitigating against threats to database health and growth potential.

“SolarWinds Database Observability was designed to address… [the growing complexity of databases] by providing unified, comprehensive visibility into both the end-to-end service and all major open-source databases—regardless of how distributed they are, where they run, or how often they change,” said Childress.

The solution surfaces a variety of complex issues, including those caused by the intricate dependencies between the database, operating system, and network. Database Observability can be accessed within the SolarWinds Observability cloud-native SaaS solution which offers complete and unified visibility across the entire tech stack. To learn more about SolarWinds Database Observability, please visit