SolarWinds Gives Data Pros the Tools for DataOps Success

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, has introduced SolarWinds Database Mapper and SolarWinds Task Factory as part of its database management portfolio, strengthening the company’s offering for data and technology professionals adopting and implementing DataOps strategies. The tools are aimed at helping data pros to accelerate data delivery across the organization and manage cloud migrations more efficiently.

DataOps is a strategy for managing the increased complexity of modern data estates, but training, education, and tooling are the primary barriers to successful DataOps implementation, according to The SolarWinds Query Report 2021: Database Priorities and Pitfalls. Database Mapper and Task Factory are designed to help data pros master their data environments, streamline data warehouse management, and develop and run data-centric apps in the cloud, enabling their organizations to reap the benefits of DataOps.

“To remain competitive, increase market share, and drive growth, enterprises must ensure they’re extracting sufficient value from data. This includes receiving insights faster, improving data integrity and resilience, implementing automation, and reducing human error—all while juggling data privacy regulations,” said Rohini Kasturi, chief product officer, SolarWinds. “However, without the right tools and processes, managing large, diverse database environments can be laborious and time-consuming. With Database Mapper and Task Factory, SolarWinds delivers powerful, easy-to-use solutions for implementing successful DataOps strategies so organizations can maximize the value of their data and cloud migrations faster and more efficiently.”

SolarWinds Database Mapper simplifies DataOps implementation by providing a one-stop shop for data teams to easily maintain current documentation and visually track data dependencies and comparisons across the environment, streamlining business-critical data projects. The latest release of Database Mapper includes support for Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases, increasing the tool’s platform coverage.

SolarWinds Task Factory is a low-code solution suited for developers who need pre-packaged components for managing data pipelines. Development teams often face trade-offs between programming efficiency and application performance. With Task Factory, development teams can eliminate needless programming of custom SSIS components and improve the efficiency of their data-centric applications in production—all without writing any code.

 The SolarWinds database management portfolio, consisting of SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer, SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor, SolarWinds SQL Sentry, SolarWinds Database Insights for SQL Server, SolarWinds Database Mapper, and SolarWinds Task Factory, is a set of database performance monitoring and data management solutions designed to help data pros efficiently manage complex database environments and optimize data performance.

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